Publishing the information about cultural and natural advantages of Żyrardów and the region, Collecting the information on possibilities of rest and spending free time in the town and the Żyrardów region,

Publishing the information about cultural, sports and tourist events being held in Żyrardów,

Providing with the comprehensive information on hotels, catering base, tourist attractions, monuments, cultural, sports, and tourist events in entire Poland,


Sharing out free leaflets concerning Żyrardów and surroundings,

Running the sale  of guides, tour guides, souvenirs, gadgets, maps of Żyrardów,

Making available information concerning:  hotel base and farm tourism, catering base, tourist points, monuments and tourist attractions, tourist trails of Żyrardów and surroundings,


Preparing information materials about the town for authors of guides and folders

Running the sale of tickets for concerts, festivals, cultural events in Żyrardów

The information is given directly, over the phone, by letter or with e-mail.


We are available 365 days a year and look forward to your arrival.



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