The rich and unique collection of the Museum of Western Masovia and the lack of the permanent exhibition on the history of the town inspired the Commune of Żyrardów and the mentioned Museum for the organization of the exhibition presenting the most important events in the history of Żyrardów.  The multimedia museum exhibition concerning the history of the town is situated in unusual for historic exhibit items the XIX century building of the former bowling alley (in the neighbourhood of the historic merchant club).  An aesthetic feast waits for visitors - the collection of the extraordinary beautiful, authentic fabrics from XIX and the beginning of the XX century.  The artistry of the workmanship, the wealth of collections and the  beauty closed in crumbs of the time, which passed, will take visitors for the travel to the XIX century factory settlement, of which the existence and the development were progressing that dynamically as dynamically clatters of working looms of the Żyrardów factory of linen products were heard. 


The exhibition shows off the source material concerning the most important events in the history of the town associated with the coming into existence and the development of the factory of linen products (years 1829-1857); with the prosperity of Żyrardów plants and the development of the factory settlement carried out according to the concept of a perfect town, a town of gardens (1857-1918); the inter-war period, the so-called scandal of Boussac and with activity of the outstanding community worker and the writer Paweł Hulka-Laskowski (1918-1939) and with the period of the occupation, the reconstruction and nationalizing plants, of strikes in 1981. supported by L. Wałęsa, of the collapse of the factory in 90-ties of the 20th century, of the revitalization of Żyrardów and continuing the tradition on linen industry by private investors (1939-2011).


The purpose of the exhibition is the creation of the impression of moving back in time, filling up the space with the move and sound and showing the climate of the factory town from the XIX and XX century.  The exhibition tries to combine the traditional exhibition with new interactive technologies, which enable the active participation in touring. 


Walking in the historic bowling alley, watching numerous pictures, multimedia presentations and listening to the recordings of the working factory, it is possible to get to know the history of Żyrardów and its cultural heritage.  The information transmission directed to visitors, is held through boards accompanying individual elements of the exhibition (Polish and English), touch screens with presentations for older and youngest (Polish and English) and little leaflets containing the descriptive information; the leaflets can be taken home (these materials were drawn up in two languages - Polish and English).  The interactive exhibition was organised in harmony with contemporary exhibition trends, the latest technological developments were used, we drew the inspiration from the best domestic as well as European experience.


The exhibition is a supplement of the tourist offer of Żyrardów, opened for everyone in the free way.  We invite for an exciting travel to the past.

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