The building of the former bowling alley is an exceptionally authentic monument of the XIX century factory settlement.  Originally, the bowling alley was in a wooden building, built on the back side of the merchant club, being recreational supplementing of the offer of the merchant club.  This way of spending the free time gained many supporters and so about 1885, an exclusive Club of Bowlers "Kamm" came into existence, established by the owners of the textile factory.  The club had 15 members and R. Reichelt, the director of the Stocking Factory  was its chairman. 

The rock-solid bowling alley was build in 1905.  Unfortunately, the décor of this interesting space did not survive till today, however we would like it to be possible to feel the breath of history  in walls of the bowling alley, what leaned us towards creating the exhibition concerning the history of Żyrardów in it.

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